We know how tired you all are of reading these privacy statements, so we'll try to keep this direct and to the point.


We don't use cookies for storing user information. However, our server software does set some session-related cookies which we don't use and that are removed when you close your browser.

API Rate Limiting

For the sake of this section, the term "timespan" refers to how long the API counts the number of requests it receives before resetting them, or how long the API will return a HTTP 429 error if their request limit is reached/exceeded.

Some of our APIs implement rate limiting. In order to do this we need something to track who is making the request; for that we use your IP address. We hash it so it's not in plain-text, but we still have to tell you about it. We check against our system and if your IP is at whatever limit the API has set, we temporarily deny your access to the API (for the specifics on each API's limits and timespan, see their webpage's respective FAQ sections). We run a script on our system every 5 minutes which removes any "stale" entries; IP addresses that have surpassed the timespan, and have not made another request since.

The following webpages implement API rate limiting on at least one of their APIs:

Warframe Drop Table Search: Search Statistics

The Warframe Drop Table Search page does track some basic information, however none of it is or can be linked to any particular user. When a search is started, our back-end tracks which results are returned to the user and both updates our systems with an entry that allows us to say when that result was returned and also allows us to count how many times that specific result was returned in any specific timespan. It does not track who/what made the search that resulted in that result being returned, nor do we track search queries.